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Name- Luna
Gender- Female
Age- 3 and a half years
Clan- Huskies
Rank- alpha female
Breed- Husky-wolf mix

Looks- Luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black.Wolf.Hunting
Imagine her with a crescent-shaped white patch over her left eye and a scar on her muzzle.

Personality- Luna's the quiet type. She's a vicious fighter, but caring and protective on the other side. She's usually in a good mood, but angers easily.

History- She and her brother, Kahn, were born in a forest far away. They separated a few moons after their mother left them, and Luna still hopes one day to see her brother again.

RP sample-
"We'll draw attention to ourselves if we keep traveling together," Kahn said, flicking his ears impatiently.
"But...but, Kahn--" Luna.
"I don't wanna hear it, Luna. We're old enough now to take care of ourselves, there's no need to stay together, brother and sister or not." he stood up, narrowing his eyes. Luna looked up at him, laying her ears back.
"Mother would've wanted us to stay together longer--"
"If Mother would've wanted us to stay together longer, she wouldn't have left us." he scowled at his sister. "What Mother would've wanted was for you to grow up and stop acting like a whelp." he snapped. He glared at her for a few moments, then turned and stalked away. Luna stared after him, not knowing what to think.
"Kahn!" she called, standing up as her brother's pelt disappeared, blending into the gray and brown jumble of late autumn forest colors.
"Kahn..." her head lowered.

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