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Post  Star on Fri 09 Apr 2010, 12:50 am

Age-8 seasons (2 years)
Clan-(Husky Clan BullDog Clan Retriever clan etc...)
Dog Ranks:
Breed:Akita wolf

On the end of the chain is a large tooth. Possibly from a dragon.( these were real animals but they are extinct.)

Personality- Though her looks are dark looks she is kind and sweet. Though over protective of things she loves. She doesn't care what other people think of her, along with that she is a strong, and has a short temper. She can be very solitary but loves company of others,

History- Born into a abusive home she grew strong. Her parents soon died. She snuck out of her twolegs house and ran for her life. Kitty soon met a young human girl who had abusive parents. The young girl gave her a collar with a chain and tooth. Kitty was able to make out the word "Dragon". She saw small silver, red, blue, and purple etching on it much newer than the tooth. Her and her human companion traveled for a long time togather. Two seasons passed by before her parents found her. She told kitty to run. She hid in the bushes afraid to leave her only friend. THe twolegs beat her till she had bleed s much you could barely belive she was alive. They than shoot her in the head. Tey had missed a vital part were it would kill here. THe twolegs left, and kitty ran at them killing them. She was to the human girl named mimi. Kitty had learned her language, but could not speak it. " Please kill me my friend I am in much pain" SHe broke in a scream of pain and a fit of coughing,"Please I am sorry I could not have made it with you to a new home...Kitty.... I love you, and will watch over you forever in the next life." THe girl had learned her name. Kitty barked sadly. SHe reached her teeth around her neck and bit her. Kiki died with a smile on her face. Kitty nosed her eyes shut. She covered her in twigs, than spoke the ancient words of the wolf. She howled the song of lost, saddness, and pain. She waited for twolegs to come a few days later. They buried her. HEr parents bodies left to rot. kitty was at mimi's funeral. THere she sung the song again. She layed on the grave for many days. THan walked on to a not so far place. The land of the clans and packs. To this very day she goes to mimi's grave to howl, cry, and wallow in her never ending pain and greaif.

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