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Post  Rain on Wed 19 May 2010, 7:32 pm

Name- Larkin
Age-4 years
Rank-Top Fighter
Breed:Golden Retriver/Alaskan Husky

Looks- Larkin The Fighting Dog Goberian-watermarked-1240946669
Larkin is large and oversized, yet she is thin and moves gracefully and is very agile.

Personality-Larkin was a bit cocky, though she was considerate. Now she is raised to fight and she is champion in her kennel grounds. She is fierce and cruel, killing any dog who stands in her way with her great strength and fast speeds.

History-Once, Larkin lived in the woods, with her mother and siblings. She was the runt of the litter, always being overpowered. But that never stopped her, she loved playing with her siblings and her mother always tried to show her new ways to fight, and she listened. Soon she was the best fighter in her litter. One day, two-leg men shot her mother as they feasted on a deer. The litter scrambled, but the men found them and brought them to a pound. She was adopted by some other two-legs, they treated her kindly and she learned to love them and their pups. Eventually they had to move, to a place that excepted no pets and she was shipped back to the pound, only a young dog. Roughly 8 moons old. She was then adopted by a large man, she never liked him. He owned a illegal dog fighting kennel and he placed her in it, trained her harshly to fight hard. Learning after her first fight that dogs had no sympathy, she dropped all of her feelings and only let off her fury. She attacked any two-leg that came near her, that only made the men laugh though, happy and enlightened. She still fights, keeping her spot at the top. She'd only been beat by one dog, Gaoth.
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