clan kittes(finish later.... most likely bout monday)

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clan kittes(finish later.... most likely bout monday)

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Age-2 years
Clan- Windclan
Rank- Warrior

(slightly taller than a serval)

Personality- Protective of little sister, hard-headed, Straight forward. He also speaks his mind

History- He was born in the moors of a forest. Deer surrounded them constanly. THey killed all his siblings, with there hooves. Another litter was born. Three, one survived. Carcal was her name. Cheeth protected her fericely. When their mother left, they left the forest. Cheeth and Carcal traveled long miles. Crossed highways, and face death and luaghed.

Gender- Female
Age- 8 months
Clan- Windclan
Rank- Apprentice
(size of a normal house-cat)

Personality- Sweet, outgoing, and rather crazy. Just as hard-headed as her brother. She has a heart that breaks easy.

History- Once her Mother left her world revolved around her brother. He cared for here. Fed her. Kept her warm in long winter months. THey ttraveled so hard from that dangours place of deer, gaint elk and moose, and wolves. THey traveled for so long. Her paws harding on the cement of twolegplaces. THey crossed thunderpaths gaint, and small. Traveled thourgh unknown forests. Than reached the clans.

Name- Silverclaw
Gender- Female
Age-12 months

Looks- She has short silver fur, with a long-furred fluffy tail. Her tabby fur marked with gray tabby markings. She has peirceing icey blue eyes, mixed with hints of amber. She has long seadly sharp fangs. The ends just go over her chin. Her long sharp hooked claws seem to gleam with silver in the light. This gives her name. HEr fur looks like silk rippleing over gaint muscles.

Personality- She is a tough mentor to have. She is the best fighter in widclan. Every fighting move must be perfect. She is fast streaking after rabbits. She is kind deep inside. Careing but on the outside shows anger, power, and a deadly thirst for makeing her clan the best. Togather she isa strong fine warrior.

History- Outcasted by her mother. Her siblings and other kits never liked her. She began to trrain behind the nursery. HEr blood from her long ago decendents tigerstar and hawkfrost makeing her have hooked claws, and deadly fangs. Attacking every leaf clawing trees, running after the warriors in camp. This alll made her stronger. She started to look more like her blue eyed, and amber eyeds decendents. SHe created fighting moves of her own. When made apprentice she trained even harder. She was made a warrior at 8 months. When given her first apprentice he was made into a fine warrior. Moortail is proud of his mentor, and she is proud of him.

Name- Tigertail
Rank- Warrior
age:17 moons
Hazel eyes and strong rippleing muscles.

Personality- She is loyal, strong, hard-headed, humorous, careing, and graceful.

History- Duaghter of thunderclan leader.
driven out by her mentor, watched her mentor sluaghter her father.
Ran away to a farm for good.
One day she decided she must go back. She told her mother what has happened. She than drove out her old mentor, her mother gave her her warrior name. Tigertail!

Name: Darkkit
age-1 moon
looks-smoky black blue kit with a silver muzzle has blue eyes father is unknown.(he is in another rippleclaw)
personality:He is playful and happy, he becomes rather serious though, and protective when older.

Age- 1 year
Clan- Thunderclan
Is a serval with amber eyes

Personality- He is care-free, and outgoing. He loves haveing fun, even when hunting. Her cares alot about his clan. He fights hard for them no matter what. Even when he knows they are wrong. He is quick, and loyal.

History- He was a smart cat ever since he was born. He never uses his smart though. He looks haveing fun and acting stupied. Playing pranks every few seconds. He was made a warrior for his hunting skilled and strong high leaps.

Gender- Male
Age-7 months
Rank- Apprentice


Personality- Calm, and shy. Dosent speak much. HE hates fighting, but loves hunting.

History- HE was a kit adopted into his clan. He never talked takeing on selected mutism. His mother killed by his father before his very eyes. Never even screeching. He was made apprentice and is still one.

Name- Bobpaw
Age- 9 months
Rank- Apprentice


Hes normal, and easyily amused, and entertained, Not to bright.
History- He was dumped in the wilderness by the zoo. he found Moutianclan. HE can't remember anything other than that.

Age-16 moons

Looks- White with silver tabby marks. Blue eyes. Greyish pads and nnose.(sniffer not snout.)

Personality-He is a kind cat, though raised by Scarletriver. He is rather careing, always trying to make sure every cat is happy.

History-Born a rouge. His mother died after giveing birth to skykit. He was raised by scarlet, know known as scarletriver. His mother was um a slut. haveing three litters. Only one surviveing from each.

Age- 20 moons
Rank-Medicane cat-Ex-senior warrior(very strong one at that.)

Looks-Has a missing eye. She is white, with coppery red tabby marks.. Pink nose(her sniffer not snout). A green left eye. Plack pads. Lots of scars.

Personality-Not the nicest cat you will meet. She is a tough trainer. She is smart. She tells it who it is. She is sweet to her littermates.

History-Born, she raised herself the moment she could eat meat. Her mother was harsh and mean hardning scarletriver. She than raised Rippleclaw, and skykit. Killing her mother when skykit could eat real food. She lost a eye from the battle.

Gender- Female.
Age-2 moons

Looks- Silver-grey, with white tabby markings. She has a left green eye, and a right light blue one, tinted with amber. white pads. Pink nose.(sniffer not snout.)

Personality-Friendly and care-free. She doesn't care that her mother is dead, since she was mean and haggy. She dances on her litte paws.

History-She was born. Suckled milk, began eating mice. Her mother killed joined riverclan.

Age-3 moons old

Looks-A fluffy runt. He is a brown marble tabby, has black pads. white underbelly. with green blue eyes

Personality-He is a small little thing, he is happy go lucky and enjoys watching his brother get in trouble. has a brown pink sniffer.

History-His mother was a rouge. She left him and her brother here. Her only liveing kits.

Age-7 moons

Looks-A long haired brown tabby. Has white underbelly green eyes. His pads are black. has a brown pink sniffer.

Personality-He is a trouble maker scarcaim is his game. He loves pranks and is often scolded.

History-Given to shadowclan by his mother. He was never satisfied with what he got.

Age-17 moons

Looks-Dark brown with a light cream brown underbelly. He has black claws, with black pads. His fur is like silk over strong muscles. He has handsome green eyes. His sniffer is black.

Personality-He is a charmer. But only one lady will be his in the end. He is nice, he is a gentleman, and is often a heartbreaker.

History-He used to be rouge before joining Huskeypack. He never has had a mate in the huskeypack. He is waiting for true love.
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