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age:8 moons
looks:Icey blue eyes, black fur. Her legs darker than her body. A shaded black streak from her shoulder to tail tip. Sh is short haired with a long haired tail. Her mouth and nose is shaded. She had a black nose. Her tail fades to white at the bottem.She had lepored patterns across her body. She had 5 dotsuder her eyes. Growing larger going out. HEr has cheeth tear streaks.Her claws are black. The fur in her ears is white and her whiskers are black.
personaligty: she is withdrawn and mysterious. Most cat forget she is even thier.
history: Her father died before she was born her mother dieing at her birth. Ghostkit, seemed lost. So she used her natural camofluge to hide fro others. Some began to think she died as well. he suckled from a queen. Soon she died to. Ghostkit began to stay away from others even more thinking she killed everyone she became close. THan everyone knew she was alive still when made apprentice. She mostly trains alone. Her mentor teaching her things to practice.
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