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Post  Sandfur on Wed 16 Dec 2009, 5:16 pm

Name: Silverpaw/Silverstrike
Gender: Male
Rank: Apprentice
Age: 8 Moons
Look: Blue-silvery short fur, green eyes.
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Personality: A brave and curious apprentice, wants to be a warrior as soon as possible to be leader on day.
History: Clanborn. His parents are also some random clan cats. Nothing special, just normal youth ^^

Name: Bluemoon
Gender: Female
Rank: Med Cat
Age: 23 Moons
Look: Blue fur, blue eyes.
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Personality: Cares for the clan as a queen cares for her kits. Like Spottedheart was once.
History: The mother of Silverpaw. She got kits, but nobody knows that Silverpaw is her kit. She brought them to another queen, who lost her kits before they were born. Silverpaw was her only kit to survive the birth, maybe a sign from StarClan to punish her for having a mate.

Name: Woodclaw
Gender: Male
Rank: Warrior
Age: 32 Moons (Senior Warrior)
Look: Brown short fur, yellow eyes. Massive shoulders. A big tabby tom.
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Personality: Admires Luckystar for her strategic plans. Sometimes very hard to others, but has a soft and lovely heart. Defends his clan with all his strength.
History: Clanborn. Faught once against a badger as he was just made warrior and got clawed over his eyes. Has three scars over the left eye now, but did not lose his eyesight or something.
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Post  Xx_Tactic_Dust_xX on Fri 18 Dec 2009, 6:10 pm

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