Mother And Daughter

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Mother And Daughter

Post  Xx_Tactic_Dust_xX on Fri 01 Oct 2010, 12:02 am

Age-20 moons
Looks-A small cat, in everyway from paws to tail. An unatural light blue tint to her fur. She has a scar on her back leg and a missing tail tip.
Personality- A nice sensitive cat, still relatively young, she will cry tr the slightest misgiving. She is not in to fighting, she would rather talk her way out of a situation. She is very smart for her age, smarter than most older warriors.
History-When she was a young kit, she fell into the river, getting cut by a protruding limb, rippering her leg muscle making i weaker han the others and sometimes paining her. She was born to a young queen, the father had died during a plague, but her mother still lives. Her tail has a missing tip because it got caught between a rock that had fell on it.

Age-40 moons
Rank-Elder Warrior
Personality- A usually nice cat. She can and will defend herself if necessary. She is very protetive over Swiftpond, her only family left other than her lost kittypet brother (Unknown, I will make a bio later)
History-She became a queen at at a young age, she gave birth to a litter of 3, 2 had died early, but one lived and grew up. QuickRiver's parents were around during the Final Stand. She grew up in fear of the dog's truce breaking once moe.
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