stardust, bulldogclan leader

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stardust, bulldogclan leader

Post  stardust on Mon 25 Jan 2010, 11:14 pm

Age-(18 moons
Clan-bulldog clan

Looks-bulldog with a rather square head. well built body. with a scar on her shoulder from a bear. she has a beautiful brindle pelt that would make anyone die at the beautiful site (im so full of mahself :3 !

Personality-nice unless you get on her bad side. she knows her tactics and plans them out ahead of time her razor sharp claws and teeth will rip you to shreds in an instant. but if you are on her good side you will be treated very well she takes good care of her clan.and would never let anything hurt it!

History-not a normal history born in a twoleg city she broke away and escaped to the forest. she found other dog's and decided to lead a certain part of them. she was given a nasty scar on her shoulder when she was a pup from a bear only to be saved by Amun of nights (greatclan leader) which she knew very well from then on.

RP sample tall buildings surrounding Stardust. she quickly saw the forest and ran into the dense trees. then she saw the other dogs they were very alarmed. her humans abused her by neglect and violence "help me please." Stardust managed to say as she fell to the ground.


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Re: stardust, bulldogclan leader

Post  Rain on Tue 26 Jan 2010, 12:01 am

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