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Post  Rain on Tue 06 Apr 2010, 7:57 pm

Age- 9 seasons (3 years)
Dog Ranks: pup,apprentice,dam,elder,fighter,deputy, Medicine Dog, pack leader
Cat Ranks: kit, apprentice, queen, elder, warrior, deputy, Medicine Cat, Clan Leader
Breed:Akita/Wolf/Great Dane/
Looks-Gaoth: Loner Dog For_Nagi_by_J_C

Personality-Gaoth owns a hard personality towards others he doesn't know, just because of the way he was brought up. He is an easy going dog that loves to socialize with others. Although he knows no other, he would love to find someone to travel with, a companion he could confide in. He longs to find where he can live permanently, a place where he belongs. He loves water and would do anything to get into snow.

History-Gaoth was born a fighting dog, brought up in the harsh ways to kill a dog he didn't even know at a human's will. He never lost, for he is still standing. He grew angry of his owner because he hated killing for entertainment of another. He attacked him one day and killed him. She escaped and receded into the forest, wandering. One day he found a two-leg, and almost killed her on sight, but saw that she was elderly and could do him no harm. She placed food out for him and eventually, after a few days of this treatment, he began to trust her. She approached him and he accepted her hand on his fur, soothing him. She gave him a string with a great tooth on it. He couldn't really understand her, but he made out the words "Mountain Lion" when she placed it loosely around his neck, so he figured that's where the tooth came from. She died of old age and he wandered more, never again trusting a human.
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