The first starpack dog

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The first starpack dog Empty The first starpack dog

Post  Star on Sun 27 Jun 2010, 9:29 pm

Name-Star of the hidden mist
Age-since starpack was created

Looks-A silver huskey with ice eyes. she has a white nose and pads. The stars shine in her eyes and fur.

Personality-Sweet gentle and careing. Heals those who should not yet die.

History- The packs at one time were just a bunch of savage loners, small groups traveled. Mothers tried to protect the young. Than a all out war started. Many died. She was one. The starry fighters outlined the clearing. "Unite or Die!!!" They called out. So the packs began. With starpack. Though dureing the battle she fought with agile swiftness. never loseing footing. this became her weakness. A dog flew from no where flying at her. She refused to drop and roll. the dog bit down hard on her throat. She was the first to die. The first Starpack Fighter. She watches ones with her huskey blood closely. Yet she cares for all dogs.
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