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Post  Rain on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 9:14 pm

Age:20 Moons

Looks:ShadowClan Warriors British_wild_cat_1

Personality:A serious cat, he only talks to other warriors and Griffinstar, allowing conversations. He rarely speaks to apprentices, but will mentor his own apprentice well.

History:Born and raised in ShadowClan, all of his family died during the journey. He once had a mate and two kits, but they too perished in the travel to the new territories.

Age:27 Moons

Looks:ShadowClan Warriors Wildcat2

Personality:Easily agitated, this cat only saves her patience for hunting or training. When she battles, she let her claws loose, sparing no mercy until her foe backs down. The only time she is kind and gentle is when she's in the Nursery, caring for kits.

History:Found a loner in the territory, she learned their ways and stayed for battles. Eventually she earned her warrior name and stuck with ShadowClan ever since.

Age:18 Moons

Looks:ShadowClan Warriors Wild-cat-20766

Personality: A new warrior, Paleblaze is a little cocky and boasts some, but is nice to others. Not as prickly as the others, he appreciates any conversations he can have with another. He obeys the Warrior Code, only straying when he finds it neccessary.

History:Born and Raised in ShadowClan. His mother, Ripplefoot raised him, helping him on the Journey. His father died defending them from a hawk that attacked them, killing his brother and two sisters along with his father, Poolclaw.
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