How to make a bio

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How to make a bio Empty How to make a bio

Post  Xx_Tactic_Dust_xX on Sun 22 Nov 2009, 4:40 am

like this

Age-(in moons 1 month)
Clan-(Husky Clan BullDog Clan Retriever clan etc...)
Dog Ranks: pup,apprentice,dam,elder,fighter,deputy, Medicine Dog, pack leader
Cat Ranks: kit, apprentice, queen, elder, warrior, deputy, Medicine Cat, Clan Leader
Breed:(what type of dog, not neccesary for cat bios. Can be mix)

Looks-(3 sentences or a picture)

Personality-(3 sentences)

History-(3 sentences)

RP sample (...... snuck up on a deer, then jumped at his throat. At least 4 sentences)




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