Ares the dog who I am glad is not a real creature...

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Ares the dog who I am glad is not a real creature... Empty Ares the dog who I am glad is not a real creature...

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So it goes like this.

Name-Ares(The greek god of war)
Age-2 years
Dog Ranks:
Cat Ranks: Loner
Breed: Doberdane(Doberman + Greatdane) with some irish wolfhound
Ares looks like a Doberman with the height of a great dane. At the shoulder he is 5.5 feet tall, makeing him at full hieght 5 feet. He is covered in scars, with a black spiked collar. His ears are pinned, with his tail cut off. His eyes are a peirceing blue, when the light catchs them just right they shine with a evil red glare.

He is mean, and straight to the bone evil. He would kill a new born pup. His favorite treat is a cat, and he never loses it seems. He would kill a dog out of boredom. He doesn't care about others. He is strong enough to kill a human. He lives were he pleases over shadowing even regular sized great danes.

Ares was a tested on animal. Whe he was born police took him to make the ultimte police dog. The made him grow forcefully, training him to the brink of death. THis was a mistake. He grew to tall from the chemicals. To strong from the training. At last they pinned his ears, clipped his tail, and gave him his collar.
That was when he turned on him. He killed five men that day, his first taste of blood. He loved it. He was captured, and became a fighting dog. He enjoyed his work killing any dog he saw. In that hal a year alone he killed 500 dogs. THan he killed his master. He became a gurad dog. He was trained, kept in a yard, and fed little. He killed his new master's family, and him. He enjoyed them as a snack before takeing off into the woods. He traveled a half year. A large bounty on his head for him to be put to sleep. Ares though was to fersome. He soon became a loner among the clans. Feasting on cats, and takeing dogs prey.

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