Oh m gee it's a doggy....(Dizzy)

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Oh m gee it's a doggy....(Dizzy)

Post  Star on Sun 28 Mar 2010, 1:26 pm

Age- 7 months
Rank- apprentice
Breed: Golden retriver
SHe is bright yellow with soft blue eyes. Her coat looks like silk on muscles. Her left ear is pinned up, while the other is half up, and half floppy. She has powerful hunches, and can easily scale moutains.

She is happy, bubblily, and random. SHe never seems to be sad. She loves swimming, long walks, and climbing things. She always picks herself up, when she falls. She is also a big klutz. Her favorite foods are rabbit, egale, and hawk.
She was born before the clans came. She layed happily in the sun that day. Only 2 months old. A huge group of cats just came. Split up to become different clans. She didn't understand. Her family soon became retriverpack, and others joined them. Dens were built, ranks were givein. And she had to stay in a camp. She didn't care though, She annoyed the warriors. Pounceing on tails, watching everyday happenings of the camp trying new things.
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