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Post  Star on Sun 20 Dec 2009, 11:53 pm

Gender- Female
Age- 56 moons
Rank-dead leader

Looks-A blue she-cat with a silver tipped muzzle. She has blue eyes. Like the book one.

Personality- A noble she-cat who wasn't afraid of qustioning the warrior code. She was brave, and fearice.
She cared for her clan deeply.

History- She Lived a good life till she fell in love with oakheart of riverclan. To save the clan from a deputy with bad meanings she gave away her kits to riverclan. She becae deputty than leader. Later on she invited rusty to become one of thundercalan. He was the fire that saved the clan. Fireheart told her kits she was there mother. Later on she died saveing Fireheart.

Name-Spottedleaf( Npc for now!!)
Age- 13 moons
Rank- Med cat

You should be able to tell witch is her...

Personality-A loveing cat who cares for her clan deeply. She loves careing for her clan mates. Spottedleaf has a very wise way about her.

History- Spottedleaf fell in love with firestar the momment she met him. There love was forrbidian, but she cared for him deeply. She still works this day trying to work, and not think of him.

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