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Post  Rain on Sun 20 Dec 2009, 6:52 pm

Name- Windstar
Gender- She-cat
Age-37 moons
Clan- WindClan
Rank-Clan Leader

Looks-Windstar:WindClan Leader 2453385235_affebcab27
Windstar is small and lithe and has no problem outrunning others.

Personality-Windstar is young and inexperienced. Born to be a natural leader, Windstar always thinks things through, never rushing things that should be taken care of. She is not to fond of the other clans and never really lets any other cats join.

History-Always wanted to lead something, be important. Her mother and father were kind to her and she had to move away from them since she had the need of importance.

ooc: I figured that since in the books there was no dogs, then we should kinda start over. So I made the first leader of WindClan
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