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Age-10 moons

Looks- A sort hair sussian blue. At the beginning of her muzzle in fades into white meaning she has a white muzzle and nose. Her paws fade into white. Ane her tail fade into white 3 quaters into it. Her forehead has a white diamond connecting to her white muzzle. She has icey blue eyes.

Personality-She is very shy. Only fights if she needs to. Hateing violance she trained as a warrior only to prove to her now dead father she wasn't worthless, and so he won't try to kill her. She hates being looked down upon and haveing all attention on her. She is flattered easyily.

History- Her mother was sluaghtered before her eyes by a rouge. Her mothers sister ran over by a monster. Her father thought she was a worthless pice of corwfood takeing up space and useing air that could be used by others. So she wanted to be a medicane cat. But her dream was wreaked. When her dad found out. He beat her senseless. Her bother loved her and tried to help but fot trying her father murdered him in front of her eyes. Than almost killed her. A dog found him. Her father killed the dog befroe running off. Not before warning her. " Become a warrior. cuase oneday if I find you in a den f herbs you worthless she-cat I'll rip you head of. and you aon't be able to do anything. S o watch your back." She became scared. Dragging the body of her brother hawkkit a tabby cat who would have been very muscular even though he already was. He had green eyes. Once there she passed out. For a moon she lay sleeping in the den only wakeing to eat and drink. She talked and had fun with her brother. She is a gifted with the power to speak to starclan. She could see the cats when they came to her wake or sleep.
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