My Mountain Clan leader bio (DustStar)

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My Mountain Clan leader bio (DustStar) Empty My Mountain Clan leader bio (DustStar)

Post  Xx_Tactic_Dust_xX on Sun 22 Nov 2009, 10:08 pm

Age-24 moons
Clan-Mountain Clan

Looks- Huge dark black cat (Of course because MountainClan is BOBcats). Piercing yellow eyes.

Personality-He hates being told what to do.He will fight before asking questions,and lunge at the slighest insult or threat. Do not dissapoint him or you will be punished hard.

History-His parents both died by being sliced by a Mountain Lion.He hates being with others usually ever since they died.He has family he doesn't even know about yet.

RP sample-I'm the admin and i don't want to.
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